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Post by iceice;ashlee on Sun Mar 30, 2008 10:17 am

Hello to all OMH members. I would like to state some of the things you should/shouldn't do in the Artwork section.

1. Graphic Threads
Anyone can create their own graphics thread. Just click the new topic button and start a thread of your own. You can also do joint graphic threads, which consists of two or more people. Just find a partner can get working!

2. Competitions
Anyone can start their own graphics competition here. Remember, these aren't official kind of graphic competitions, it is just for fun. Any member can vote. Non member's are not allowed to vote. Post all competitions in the competition thread, so people can find things easily.

3. Requesting/Crediting
Anyone can request graphics from a graphic maker. All you have to do is ask them, and then be sure to credit them if you use it. How do you credit? If you use it on another board or in your signature, just state that it was not made by you. For example: ^ set made by Jane.

4. Stealing?
Stealing of graphics WILL NOT be tolerated. Please be considerate of the graphic makers and credit or ask them first instead of stealing it. Taking a graphic and posting it elsewhere without the graphic maker's permission is considered stealing. Also, do not claim other people's work as your own. People work very hard on their graphics.

5. Post everything in the correct thread
I decided to make separate categories, such as competitions, graphic threads, tutorials and so on. So please post everything on the correct category so things don't get mixed up, and so people can find things easily. This way, it is more organized.

Disobeying these rules can lead to being banned or suspended.

Forum admin,
Ashlee (iceice;ashlee)

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