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Post by iceice;ashlee on Sat Mar 29, 2008 7:12 pm

Get to know your admins and mods.

Ashlee (iceice;ashlee)

Brittni (Brittni)
Mercury (Mercury)
Kaitlin (Kaitlin)
Natalie (*Natalie*)
Sheryl (Squirrelz)
Pauline (paulinemifor)

There are currently no more open spaces for mods.
If you would like to be a moderator on the forum, fill in this form and PM/email it to the admin.
We will look further into it and will only accept new mods when there are open spaces.
There are only five to six mods maximum on the forums.

Past forum managing experience?
Are you online everyday? Approximately how long?
Suggestions to make the forums the best:

If you aren't happy with your moderators or how the forum is being managed, please PM/email the admin.

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